Renovators’ Council

Message from the Chair

We have had another busy year at the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association, and specifically the Renovators’ Council. This past year we have had more interest, active involvement and exposure from both members and the general public.

In this issue of Ottawa Renovates, I would like to tell you about the Renovator’s Council — especially who we are and what we do.

The Renovators’ Council is a collection of business owners or managers from different companies. We are a group of people who really care about the renovation industry in Ottawa.

During our monthly meetings, we share and discuss different experiences that we have encountered with clients and other trade professionals.  The council also brings in guest speakers to the monthly meetings to provide insight on current events, health and safety matters and other related topics.

These speakers are government experts and product representatives from a variety of companies in the building industry. They are experts on health and safety. They’re accountants who tell us about new changes such as the HST. They’re inspectors from the city who explain any new code changes. They are business professionals who give us guidance on contracts.

Many Council members are heavily involved with Algonquin college. We partner with the college and their apprentice program.

The members of the Renovators’ Council work together to separate the truly knowledgeable business professionals from the “fly-by-night” contractors. With our new HST in Ontario, it is more tempting to hire a cash contractor (uncertified, here-today-gone-tomorrow worker). We need to remember that the money saved by not paying taxes can cost you a lot more in the long run if someone gets hurt on your job without Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage. You, as the owner, can be sued if there’s an accident on your site and there is no warranty.

We who sit on the Renovators’ Council are serious about our business and about doing it right. When you’re looking for a renovator, the first thing to look for is a Renomark™ renovator: one that will make sure you get it in writing.

It’s the best way to be sure your renovation is everything you expect it to be.


Jason Labelle


Ottawa Renovators’ Council