Renovator TV Star

Sounds like the kind of thing many Ottawa renovators could do well. But the question is, who will take up the challenge?

Recently Mountain Road Productions of Ottawa put out a casting call for renovators, contractors and carpenters for two different TV shows in the works.

John W. Herbert, Executive Director, Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association, told renovators in a recent newsletter that the production company was seeking general contractors, carpenters and renovators with “a great big personality, quick wit and loads of energy”.

Interested candidates were encouraged to send a current photo and a couple of paragraphs about themselves to the production company.

So watch for it! Your cutest renovator might be the next “Renovator Idol”.


Go with a pro!

October is the month of changing seasons. It’s also a good time for beautiful new changes in your home, which may be why the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) highlights it as Renovation Month.

Its long-time sponsor, Home Hardware Building Centre, works hard along with CHBA to make sure the message gets out: always hire a professional renovator.

The CHBA and the Renovators’ Council say when you use a renovator who tells you the job will be cheaper for cash, you’re putting yourself at tremendous risk. You’re leaving your door open for theft, disappointment and lawsuit − with absolutely no recourse when things go wrong.

Home Hardware Building Centre has launched a contest to promote the message of professional home renovators: “Go with a Pro!”.  It will give a Toyota Rav 4 to the selected entry who successfully answers a question about why they need to “Get it in Writing!”  (See .)