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A kitchen designed by Westend Bath and Kitchen

Adam Mallett, Chief Administrator and Co-Owner of Westend Bath and Kitchen, has been connected to the business for a long time, right from the time he was a child, when his parents bought the business in 1987. He joined the family business 15 years ago. From the beginning, Westend Bath and Kitchen has been restoring, rebuilding and modifying residential buildings of all ages and all types throughout Ottawa’s many neighbourhoods.

Dear Renovator,

We’re ready for a complete kitchen renovation. We’ve seen your website and your ads, and two of our neighbours recommend you. So we figure you’re probably a good choice. But we’d like to know about the trades people who work for you. How do we know they can be trusted in our home?

We would say the best place to start is to make sure your company displays the RenoMark® logo. That means they have committed to having and maintaining a safe and organized work site at all times. They insist on cleanliness, so it comes down to the way the tradespeople leave your site each day. They insist on respect for your home so they’re not tracking unnecessary mess into your living area. RenoMark™ renovators only work with subcontractors who have workplace safety and liability coverage.

The best kitchen and bath renovators (and all good professional renovators) pay detailed attention to service from day one. They want you to be satisfied with the job, and they want you to recommend them to others. So it’s in their interest to make sure the whole experience is safe, clean and trustworthy.

We suggest you hire a firm that carries the RenoMark® logo, and one that has several years of experience. Ideally it will be one that uses the same tradespeople time after time, people who take great pride in what they do.

Adam Mallett

Adam Mallett

When you’re hiring a company to create your new kitchen, look at the ads and listen to the testimonials, for sure. But don’t be afraid to ask hard questions before you sign the contract. Ask in detail about the company’s tradespeople ‒ who they use and why, and their history with the company. It will make a big difference in your enjoyment of your new space from beginning to end.

Adam Mallett, Owner
Westend Bath and Kitchen