Dear Renovator,

We want a kitchen that is deadly practical but also sturdy, bright, and cheerful. We have three grown children, and they visit often with their active families. Big (and frequent) meals are a regular event. The kitchen we have now is cramped and awkward, and we’re spending way too much time in it. We’d like to be able to cook, clean and chat in an open atmosphere… and then get out of there without much fuss or muss. Do you have any tips about where to start?

Dear Homeowner,

Kitchens have become the heart of the home and no longer tucked away behind closed doors and walls. In order to serve your current and future needs, we would recommend the following:

  1. Schedule a visit to your home to view the space, including adjoining rooms etc.;
  2. Determine which walls are load-bearing and if it is possible to create openings and/or remove them in their totality;
  3. Contemplate a potential millwork and appliance layout with consideration to enlarging and/or relocating window(s);
  4. Assess how the open concept transitions into the adjoining spaces, and if any division of space is required;
  5. Discuss lighting, including task lighting and how it will enhance the experience of preparing food and enjoying company in the space;
  6. Take some dimensions to aid in preparing a preliminary budget with allowances for millwork, counter tops, floor and wall coverings;
  7. Once the preliminary budget has been prepared, schedule a follow up meeting to review – and proceed accordingly!

Claudio Falsetto is president of  Revelstoke Custom Homes & Renovations, one of the top design-build companies in Ottawa