questionsYou’ve thought it over. You’ve decided on a budget. You’ve done your homework and found the best renovators in Ottawa. (You know they’re the best because they belong to the RenoMark™ program.)

And now you’re ready to take the big step of renovating. You’re going to put your heart and home into the hands of the professionals. But first you have to choose the company that is best for you.

How do you do that? Well, you ask questions.

Once you have determined that your potential renovator is a member of RenoMark™ — these are the things professional renovators say you should ask before you sign a contract:

  • Have you undertaken this type of renovation in the past? Was it successful?
  • What issues or problems can arise once work begins, and how do you deal with them?
  • How long have you been in business under this company name?
  • Are you or your company registered with all governing bodies for this industry?
  • Can you provide an example of a situation that was not foreseen, caused a delay or cost increase? What was your method for resolving it to everyone’s satisfaction?
  • Do you have your own employees, or do you use sub-contractors only?
  • How many projects of this scale do you have on the go or in the foreseeable future? Do you have lots of experience, but not so much that there might not be a lot of time for my project?)
  • What is not included in your quotation that you know I will need?
  • What’s the best way of communicating with each other? Text, email, phone? How available will you be?
  • What insurance do you have? What guarantees will we have after the work is finished?

Most professional renovators will point these questions out in the first place and answer them before you have a chance to ask. But it’s good to have them on your list and to add any others that concern you. And then… you’re ready to go.
Happy transformation!

Story by Francie Healey