What are the advantages of hiring a full service kitchen/bath & renovations firm over managing the renovations and installation myself?

Brent Young, Carleton Design Build, a division of CKC Group Ltd (www.ckcgroup.ca)

With the growing popularity of home renovation shows on television, the idea of becoming a “do-it-yourselfer” and saving some money has become quite appealing.  But are you really saving money?

Unfortunately, these shows usually only have half-an-hour to an hour to show you the renovation from start to finish and do not really show you all the behind-the-scenes work and planning that actually happen before hammer is put to nail; nor do they show you the process and work in its entirety to get to completion.

Carleton Design Build photo (Brent Young)

The advantages to hiring a full-service firm are abundant. Their qualified experts have the experience and knowledge to get your work done on time and on budget:

  • Professional firms have access to products and resources that the public does not generally have. When working on a project, we look at the project as a whole. The design, the colour, the flooring materials, electrical fixtures etc. are carefully coordinated to achieve one cohesive look and feel. This means that your flooring will relate to your wall colour which will relate to your hardware and so on.
  • Full-service firms take on the responsibility of ordering your product in advance of your project. Should a product come in that is broken or the wrong colour or defective, professionals will arrange for replacement product and do the running around for you.
  • Project managers have the product knowledge to know what products are compatible. For example, when ordering faucets, one must be aware of hole centres, pipe sizes and feeds, shut offs and code requirements. Compatibility of product is key whenever retrofitting is required.
  • Most full-service firms have their our own staff carpenters/installers that have years of experience, are insured with the Workman’s Safety Insurance Board and have Liability Insurance along with the skills and knowledge to tackle any renovation.
  • Full-service firms take care of the coordination of trades: Which trades come in and when? Which trade must complete what before the next trade can come in? We coordinate the specific location of each product with the trades and we insure that all work is done to code.
  • Many full-service firms offer you one point of communication. If you wish to make a modification or have a concern, you simply contact the project manager and he or she takes care of your request. No hassles or worries.
  • Full-service firms can assist you in the process of obtaining the required permits for your renovation when required.
  • Qualified electricians obtain permits and arrange for inspection if required.
  • Unexpected surprises like mold or carpenter-ant issues can arise. What do you do? No need to worry. Qualified professionals have the knowledge to resolve these issues and get the project back on track.
  • The best full-service firms offer a full two-year Renomark™ Warranty on workmanship. When a do-it-yourselfer needs warranty work done, they only have themselves to turn to. But with the powerful, important Renomark™ warranty, you can rest easy knowing that you’re covered.

When you consider all the benefits, it’s obvious. The advantages to hiring a full-service firm far outweigh those of managing your own renovation.