white imageBy Francie Healey


Nothing but pure, soft white.

It was the theme an Ottawa woman, a photographer, wanted for her home. She didn’t know exactly how it would go, but she knew she wanted to be surrounded by white – a gentle hue – and lots of natural light.

The thing was, she also had young children. And a puppy. And a cat. But still, she wanted white.

She looked in magazines and researched ideas on the internet. She kept a scrapbook of pictures and articles about white décor.

Her friends told her she was crazy. White? With kids and pets? Ridiculous!

But one neighbour, who had just gone through an immensely successful renovation, suggested she get in touch with her renovator, who was a member of RenoMark™.

“It’s surprising,” the neighbour said. “With the right approach, materials, and, especially, a professional renovator, you can do almost anything.”

The woman educated herself on the RenoMark™ program. She learned that the RenoMark™ symbol is the sign of a professional renovator who has agreed to a renovation-specific code of conduct.

She called her friend’s renovator.

After careful consultation, the renovator came up with a plan that was what the woman wanted, a plan that would withstand the rigors of a family and still look superb.

The result was beautiful. It was white – well, not all of it; the renovator suggested floors that had the feeling of white but didn’t easily show dirt or spills, and it turned out to be a good decision.

There were new windows and skylights, and a side-entrance laundry room with full bathroom and built-in storage for towels and toys. The new look was fresh, light, clean, happy.

The moral of the story?

  1. It’s okay to dream – about white or any other theme you’d like.
  2. Do your homework.
  3. Hire a renovator who understands you and respects your ideas.
  4. Make sure your renovator carries the RenoMark™ logo. (Look in the RenoMark™ directory.)
  5. Don’t tell all your friends they can eat their words.
  6. But go ahead. Think it all you want.