Does your garage look like this? Can it be improved?

By Francie Healey

Are you sick and tired of tripping over things in your garage? Do its drab, stained walls make you want to scream? Has it become a kind of tumor on your house that is simply there because it’s there and you’d really like to tear the whole thing down?

Even if it’s not that bad, a garage can be a thing of beauty and function, whether you have to take it down and start again or have it beautifully renovated and re-purposed.

There’s no end to the kind of garage you can have. Before you despair of the one you live with now, the first thing to do is to speak to one of the many Ottawa renovators who carry the RenoMark™ logo. They can help you with a design that suits not only your lifestyle but the style of your home and property.

It might be a small, sturdy, functional garage with sensible storage; it might be a whole new addition, with, as a bonus, guest (or teenage) suite; office; studio; workshop. It might serve as a combination of all those things as well as a mud-room entrance (with laundry facilities) for children who like to play outdoors. It might open up to a screened porch or sheltered barbecue area.


Your garage doesn’t need to be an eyesore. It can be a thing of simple, attractive practicality or it can beautifully expand your living space. With good design and careful planning, it can be a showpiece. It can be what you want and what your budget allows.

Look for renovator who suits you best and who understands what you want – who can share your vision and make it a reality. Keep your eyes open for that RenoMark™ logo – the one that assures you it’s going to be excellent in every way.

To see a list of the RenoMark™ renovators in the Ottawa area, check out this RenoMark™ directory.