dream or hardshipIf this is your first time contemplating a renovation, you might wonder how to find someone to do the job.

It might actually be the most important question you ask ­– more important than what the renovation will look like, how much it will cost, or when to begin.

The renovator you hire can make the difference between a dream come true and your worst nightmare. There are endless stories of people who have hired a so-called company, paid a large deposit, and then never see the company again. There are stories of people who have had the work done, paid in cash, and then realized there were major problems with the renovation, or it was simply left unfinished. They paid in cash, so there was no recourse, nowhere to turn, no one to blame, no way of getting compensation.

Professional renovators who carry the RenoMark™ logo have heard these stories over and over. Many are called in to fix the mistakes, or worse, to tear out the work and start again.

John Herbert, Executive Director of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association, says it can be a particularly terrible situation when home owners run into “career” scammers. They look all right, sound all right, make a good case for themselves. But they make a living out of taking a big deposit and then disappearing.

“It’s purely criminal, of course,” says John. “These guys prey on innocent people. They take your money and just move on.”

He says it’s one of the most important reasons for using a RenoMark™ contractor, because RenoMark™ differentiates between the amateurs and the professionals.

“It’s really hard for the average person,” adds John, “to know how in heck they can find someone without ending up in the legal nightmare of their lives.”

The RenoMark™ program has been a hallmark of professional renovators in Ottawa for nearly a decade, and homeowners often see it as a standard of excellence. They tend to look for it when they are seeking someone for their project.

“RenoMark™ gives them the assurance,” says John, “that they’re getting the right company to do the work.”