Whatever it is, you don’t have to trip over it anymore

Al Gauvin understands, perhaps better than anyone, how messy a garage can get.

He’s spent 20 years installing central vacuum systems, mostly in garages, and he sees them all.

Now the garages are about to get a whole lot better. Al also sells storage systems and garage floor products that transform a dingy, sloppy, can’t-find-a-thing garage into a place of beauty and order.

It’s often the very thing people want: to get that garage pulled into shape before the cars are housed in winter.

It’s amazing, really, how many things we accumulate – and how many ways we can keep them organized, off the floor, looking tidy, and easy to find.

Al says you can hang things from walls and ceilings in an easy-to-find, organized, and attractive way. You can have high-end powder-coated metal  cabinets (with aluminum trim) in almost any colour; or you can outfit your garage with simple wooden cabinets that also look good.

You can keep things off the floor, too. Al says there’s a hook for anything you want to hang up and shelves to accommodate anything your space will allow. Whether it’s a screwdriver, tires or lawnmower, it doesn’t need to be something you trip over.

He knows this has to be good news for parents of children with bikes, skateboards, and other outdoor toys. Or for people with tools. Or people who garden.

Not only can a garage become tidy; it can be good-looking part of your house, too. Al says a garage makeover can include fresh drywall and paint…and a beautiful floor. He will grind down your old concrete and give it a coating so shiny you’ll be able to see your face in it.

“Whatever it takes for a great garage,” says Al, “I can do it.”