Message from the Chair

By Bob Ridley

Greetings and welcome to the Spring 2020 edition of Ottawa Renovates! My name is Bob Ridley and I am honored to continue as Chair of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association Renovators’ Council.

The first order of business is to welcome you to this exciting issue of Ottawa Renovates magazine. It’s a brand new year and, more importantly, a brand new decade, so you will find the magazine full of articles about inspiring visions for the future. This is the Share Your Vision 2020 issue.

The renovation industry in Ontario represents a large and vibrant part of our economy. A key component of the renovations industry is the RenoMark™ brand, which was developed for the express purpose of upholding a higher standard of excellence, safety and legal protection for consumers. RenoMark™ renovators always provide a detailed written contract, a two year warranty, $2 million in liability insurance; and they return calls within two days.

Speaking of vision, this is an exciting time for our industry, as the Ontario Home Builders’ Association has recently completed a strategic planning initiative that will support the advancement of the industry and its members over the next several years. Locally the Renovators’ Council has been actively pursuing personal and professional development of our RenoMark™ renovators to ensure that they offer ever better services to you.

Similarly, the City of Ottawa has initiated efforts to develop a Climate Change Master Plan that will transition Ottawa to a clean, renewable and resilient city by 2050. Importantly, the City plan includes a residential retrofit accelerator program.

Spring is here, and so all thoughts are turning to projects that will increase the utility, energy efficiency, value, aesthetics and enjoyment of our homes. This could be anything from “freshening” through to more extensive renovations such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements and exterior spaces. Our RenoMark™ renovators are eager to help you realize your dreams.

Our RenoMark™ renovators can provide expert advice on the features, materials and execution of your renovation project. RenoMark™ renovators are also your window into the renovations industry, which consists of many skilled design, architecture, engineering, construction, trades and supplier professionals. RenoMark™ renovators are there to ensure that your project is an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

So start now and make your dreams a reality by making your home a special place for your family. The RenoMark™ renovators of the Renovators’ Council are there to help you. We recognize that our industry would be nothing without you, but equally your renovation would be a less fulfilling experience without us, the professional RenoMark™ renovators.

Bob Ridley P.Eng., is Chair of the Renovators’ Council of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association, 2nd Vice President of the Ontario Home Builders’ Association, and an active participant in the renovations industry through Ridley Associates Management Services and SkilBilt Construction, Inc.