Ottawa Renovators’ Council

Message from the Chair

Not a job for just anyone

Eventually we all grow old.

And yet our houses are built as if we’re going to be young forever. Look around the Ottawa area alone, and try to find a house that was originally constructed with aging or disability in mind.

In this issue of Ottawa Renovates there is a story about Scott Puddicombe and his innovative work in “accessible” renovation. My company is proud to work with Scott, because, like Scott, our number-one focus is complete accessibility for all ages and abilities.

When people can no longer use stairs, the first reaction is to call a handyman to build a ramp. It looks awful, of course. But frequently it’s not even safe. And it doesn’t help if the person needing the ramp also needs a strong person to push the wheelchair up that ramp, or if the rooms inside can’t accommodate it. Accessibility is about independence and dignity. Renovations that allow people to stay in their own homes should be done not only fully and correctly, but beautifully.

We on the Renovators’ Council are strong promoters of RenoMark™. We always tell consumers if they want excellence to make sure their renovator is RenoMark™ registered, no matter how big or how small the job.

But in the area of renovation for accessibility, the need for excellence steps up a notch.  There are too many building codes, too many logistics, too many important human beings, to leave the job to some guy with a hammer and saw.

A renovator who takes on the job of making a home accessible for any age and any ability must have compassion and heart as well as in-depth knowledge of true barrier-free living .

Don’t put your life or the life of a family member in the hands of just anyone. Get the right people to do the job respectfully, safely, and elegantly.

Emile Salem


Ottawa Renovators’ Council

Emile Salem is the owner of Ottawa Home Improvements Corp.