Renovators’ Council

Message from the Chair


Welcome to an exciting new year in the renovation industry. I’m glad to be part of the effort to educate the public through Ottawa Renovates, the only magazine targeted to the renovation industry.

All of us on the Renovators’ Council continuously study the variety of products that come on the market. We always know what they are, what they do, and how to install them.

Every month we attend a seminar. We bring in suppliers and experts in the field to tell us not only the latest in construction and renovation products but also the correct installation techniques for each.

In addition, we are constantly studying the latest in health and safety issues, and constant updates to the Ontario Building Code.

This is what makes us different from “the guy in the truck”, the amateurs out there who can (and often do) create renovating nightmares – the guys in the Mike Holmes stories.

All the people who sit across from me on our Renovators’ Council are the best in their field. They take time to make sure things are done right, always.

If there’s one resounding bit of advice all of us would give, it would be to tell everyone to use a certified renovator.

There are many reasons. For one, you won’t wake one day to find out that something has gone horribly wrong with work that was done five years ago.

We are concerned about the underground economy, which may get to be a bigger problem after July 1, when the Harmonized Sales Tax comes into effect. There will be the temptation to hire people for cash. But if you do, you’re taking on a huge potential problem. When things go wrong, you have no recourse.

If you decide to hire someone for cash, no matter how good you think that someone might be, and there is an accident on the job, you can end up with a lawsuit in your lap.

Last year was a good year for renovation in Ottawa. Part of this had to do with the home renovation tax credit and energy rebates. Even though the economy was down, Ottawa kept on going. We’re in the middle of another busy year now.

As chair of the Renovators’ Council, I have behind me all the best in the business.

I can tell you that the first thing you have to look for, if you’re contemplating a renovation, is a renovator you can trust.

I work with just such renovators on the Council. You won’t find any better.


Jason Labelle


Ottawa Renovators’ Council