Ottawa Renovators’ Council

Message from the Chair


I have one word for you.


Use a renovator who displays this logo. Don’t bother with anyone else, no matter how slick, smooth-talking, or “cheap” they seem to be. If you don’t use a RenoMark renovator, you’re going to end up paying. Guaranteed. It might happen right away; it might happen a few years down the road. But you’re going to pay.

As the new Chair of the Renovators’ Council (since Fall, 2010), and as a guy with 30 years experience in this business, I know what I’m talking about.

It’s in your interest to use RenoMark, but it’s also in ours. Not too long ago I heard a story about a renovator who lost a huge contract because the customer wanted a RenoMark certified business.

As a customer, you have the power. You get to choose who turns your dreams into reality. You get to make sure you end up with your dream and not your worst nightmare.

The only way to be sure of this – absolutely the only way, without exception – is to hire someone who has the RenoMark™ seal of approval.

When a renovator enters the RenoMark program, it means a promise to you of excellence – and the legal contract to back that up. There are no loopholes, no surprises, no messing around. RenoMark means you get the best, and that’s that.

If you ask, you’ll probably be told the same thing I’m telling you. I hear it all the time from happy customers. They tell their neighbours, and the word’s out: if you’re going to renovate, don’t even think about cutting corners, because the risk is too great. Use a RenoMark™ renovator.

Renovating is stressful. There’s no getting around it. You don’t need the added stress, angst, misery and cost of using a renovator you can’t absolutely count on.

Why wouldn’t anyone with an investment in property use anyone but the best? It doesn’t make sense. You take care of what you value. You don’t toss it to anyone who says they can do the job cheaper, faster, or whatever. You give it to the certified professionals.

I hope your renovating stories are happy ones. I guarantee they will be if you sign up someone with the RenoMark™ logo. Sweet dreams!


Emile Salem


Ottawa Renovators’ Council


Emile Salem is the owner of Ottawa Home Improvements Corp.