Ottawa Renovators’ Council

Message from the Chair


We insist on the best

Your renovation must be excellent in every way. It’s part of your life, your home. It’s going to be there for many years. It’s going to make an impact on the value of your property.

And so it’s every bit as important to choose the right renovator as it is to select the right materials to do the job.

Your renovation is important to you, of course. But it’s also important to us, the people who do the renovation. We take pride in our work, and we’re dedicated to a high level of customer service. We like to be recognized for our efforts and our accomplishments.

You may have heard of the RenoMark™ program. If not, you will read about it in this issue of Ottawa Renovates. RenoMark is one of the best assurances that you are getting exceptional quality in your renovation.

When renovators sign up with RenoMark, they mean it. Their put their reputations on the line.

We appreciate the contributions of some of the people who are responsible for RenoMark: its original founder, the late Stephen Dupuis; Mike Martin of Michael J. Martin Luxury Renovations, who spearheaded bringing the RenoMark program to Ottawa; Jason Labelle of Dalton Distinctive Renovations; and Emile Salem of Ottawa Home Improvements. They have all worked hard to bring RenoMark to the attention of the public.

Within the RenoMark program you’ll find many of the top renovators in the region. You’ll probably notice they are winners of many design and consumer awards.

There are also good renovators in Ottawa who are not yet members of RenoMark, but we encourage them to apply. These are renovators who work to a high standard, carry the proper insurances and WSIB, and who are willing to abide by the RenoMark code of conduct.

RenoMark participation from all of us ultimately improves the standards of all renovators. We take continuous training to update and upgrade our knowledge of new practices and new products.

We want the best for you, and we demand the best from ourselves.


John Manzo


Ottawa Renovators’ Council


John Manzo is owner of Tego Bathroom Solutions