By Casey Greycasey grey

I am absolutely honoured to have been asked to chair the Renovators Council of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association.

My passion revolves around construction, and over the next couple of years my main goal will be the same as it has in previous years.

That goal, a never-ending task, is to educate homeowners so they can make better decisions when it comes to renovating and building their homes. This forces me to continually educate myself. I don’t claim to know everything; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. I know I have much to learn – especially given the way our world changes and the way technology improves exponentially.

At the end of the day, we all want homes that are healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient and appealing to the eye.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of projects that don’t have all these qualities. “Appealing to the eye” varies depending on the individual. But “healthy”, “comfortable” and “energy efficient” should be, in my opinion, non-negotiables.

The question I ask myself is this: “How can we make sure all projects are healthy, innovative and sustainable?”

I believe it’s possible to achieve all these things. It’s my responsibility as a contractor to make sure homeowners have the information required to make conscious decisions in order to achieve these goals.

Making a conscious decision simply means to be aware. If you’re not aware, how can you expect to make informed decisions? This is why I have made it my goal to educate and empower.

I also believe that it’s the homeowner’s responsibility to ask questions – lots of questions.

There’s a quote from Tony Robbins that has always stuck with me. “The quality of your life,” he says, “is in direct proportion to the quality of questions you ask yourself.”

In this business, the statement might be: “The quality of your project is based on the quality of questions you ask your contractor.” (And vice versa.)

Any reputable contractor, (for example, those who carry the RenoMark™ logo) all want the same thing: they want homeowners to be happy at the end of a project. The only way to ensure this is if we’re all on the same page. The only way to make sure we’re all on the same page is through questions and open communication.

Here’s a question for you. What is most important to you in a renovation?

When you have the answer, ask yourself why. When you answer that, ask why again. The deeper you go, the more understanding you will have. And the more you understand, the better your project will be.

Casey Grey, Chair of the Renovators Council of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association, is CEO of The Conscious Builder, Inc.