By Bob Ridley

Greetings and welcome to the Fall 2019 edition of Ottawa Renovates! My name is Bob Ridley and I am honored to continue as the Chair of the Renovator’s Council. All of us local RenoMark™ members of the Renovators Council share a common desire and commitment to improve and promote the local renovations industry to the greatest extent possible.

The renovation industry in Ontario is a large and vibrant part of our economy. Most people don’t realize that the renovations industry is actually larger than the new home building industry (and nearly $80 billion Canada-wide). A key component of the renovations industry is the RenoMark brand, which was developed in Ontario, and is now national, for the express purpose of upholding a higher standard of excellence, safety and legal protection for consumers.

Locally we are fortunate to have a wonderful combination of architects, engineers, designers, construction professionals, trades and suppliers whose primary objective is to help you achieve your dream home as effectively, efficiently and pleasantly as possible.

Since it’s now Fall (after one of the hottest and busiest summers in recent memory) our thoughts are turning to near-term projects that will prepare us for winter and improve the comfort and energy efficiency of our home, as well as those many small repairs and improvements required before winter hits again.

But don’t forget the importance of longer term planning and preparation for those improvements to increase the value, aesthetics and enjoyment of your homes. (Spring will be here before we know it!) Recent articles from the Greater Ottawa Homebuilders Association have addressed the importance of making improvements to facilitate aging in place and also those changes necessary to improve the energy efficiency of our aging housing stock.

Likewise, the Renovators Council blogs have provided a rich source of ideas for all kinds of improvements that will update your home and provide greater utility and enjoyment from your biggest investment: things such as space saving and storage, updated kitchens and bathrooms and even dog-friendly changes! So let your imagination go and start planning that home renovation.

Our RenoMark renovators are here to help you realize your dream home by providing expert advice on the features, materials and execution of your renovation project. RenoMark renovators provide your window into the renovations industry and RenoMark renovators are here to ensure that your project is an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Start now and make your dreams a reality by making your home a special place for your family. The RenoMark renovators of the Renovator’s Council are here to help you.

Bob Ridley P.Eng., Chair of the Renovators’ Council of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association and the local RenoMark program, is President of SkilBilt Construction Inc.