If you’re contemplating a renovation and you’re also passionate about protecting the environment, there are renovators in the Ottawa area who are every bit as interested as you are. Many have signed on to the RenoMark™ program. Several actually specialize in “green” renovation.

Of course, the benefits of environmentally friendly renovation more than safeguard the earth. Green strategies and methods keep you cool in summer and cozy in winter at a much lower cost.

When renovators commit to the RenoMark™ program, they also commit to consistently updating their knowledge and practices. They do this by attending courses, workshops and seminars, and by constantly sharing new knowledge and techniques with each other.

So it’s not surprising that they are at the cutting edge of the best environmental practices in home building and renovation. They can help you make choices for superb energy efficiency. They can increase the quality of your air indoors, make your home more comfortable and affordable, and lower the impact of consumption many times over.

These renovators can incorporate “green” features into your renovation, or they can make the entire project a state-of-the-art model of environmental design. It depends on the “green” level you want to achieve, or if you’d like to approach green practices in stages. They can start you with small “green” projects and help you plan for larger ones later on without duplicating effort or materials.

Many of Ottawa’s RenoMark™ renovators donate leftover materials to Habitat for Humanity Greater Ottawa or, with your involvement, buy recycled materials from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. It’s a win-win effort all around – for people and for the earth.

You might be surprised how much of a difference you can make simply by choosing a RenoMark™ renovator who is devoted to environmental gentleness – and who knows how to do an earth-friendly renovation, in small or large ways, that will last for many years into the future.

For inspiration and information, see the Homeowners’ Guide to Green Renovation,