What do you like best about being outdoors? How about if you were to live right out there in the fresh air – at least, almost? What would you want to have?

Would it be a covered outdoor kitchen, a big barbecue area, a swimming pool with a change house? A guest cabin? A screened-in gazebo? A sheltered reading/living/family area? A greenhouse? An outdoor fireplace? A games area?

Would there be a deck? A wrap-around verandah? A place for summer dancing? Would the entrance be easily accessible for people of all ages and abilities?

How would you landscape your outdoor world? Would you use slate, wood, crushed stone? Would it have a private garden? A safe playground with playhouse for children or grandchildren?

There are excellent renovators who can provide all these things and perhaps things you haven’t even thought of yet. If you have a dream of bringing your world outdoors in three or even four seasons, there are superb renovation companies who can make that dream come true.

A good way to be sure of finding the best renovator is to be sure you see the RenoMark™ logo. The logo is the first sign that this is a professional renovator. It also tells you it is a renovator who has agreed to a renovation-specific Code of Conduct and all the important benefits that go along with that.

(By Francie Healey)