RenoMark™™ is a promise you can trust

By Francie Healy

Here’s the thing about renovation. If you’re not careful, you can get left high and dry with a half-finished, botched job, your money gone, and not a thing you can do about it.

It has happened to countless numbers of innocent victims. It happens all the time.

But within the past six years in Ottawa, a form of high security has come to the renovation industry. It’s called RenoMark™, and it protects both sides: homeowners and also the many reputable renovation companies whose reputations stand to be harmed by unscrupulous people calling themselves renovators.

If you see a company carrying the RenoMark™ logo, it’s a promise. It means you won’t be one of those people left standing with your mouth open while your house is in shambles. It means, in fact, that your renovator will meet the highest standards possible; your money will not be in vain; and you will be happy with the results.

John Manzo, Chair of the Renovators’ Council of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association, says among other things, RenoMark™ insures you will be getting a renovator with expertise in a particular area.

John is also owner of Tego Bathroom Solutions, and he tells the story of people who said they were getting a neighbourhood guy to do their bathroom because he did such a great job on their fence.

“They told me the guy would take on their bathroom if he wasn’t busy,” John says. “What does that tell you, if he’s not busy?” And of course, what did it say about his bathroom-renovating expertise?

Even if someone IS good at building a fence or installing a cabinet; even if he is a good neighbour or friend or relative, it doesn’t mean he knows how to renovate your kitchen or basement or create a new addition.

RenoMark™ renovators do know how to do the job. They have the experience, the insurance, the ethics, the skills, the best tradespeople. And they are constantly upgrading their knowledge through ongoing training sessions for new products and techniques. They’re the people you want working on your home. They know.

John Herbert, Director of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association, calls RenoMark™ “the best thing to happen to the renovation industry”. And it shows. Homeowners are now actively looking for RenoMark™ renovators, or asking potential renovators if they have signed up with RenoMark™.

Professional renovators say there will always be “fly-by-nighters”, the people who will offer to do your renovation for half the price, especially if you pay them in cash. They put anyone with an investment in their homes at terrible risk and often with no recourse.

But at least now homeowners can make a definite choice: they can hire a guaranteed professional, or take their chances.

Now they can know – just from a logo – which renovators they can trust.


What is RenoMark™™?

RenoMark™™ is a program that renovators pay to join. They must follow strict rules. These rules are made public to home owners, who are advised to be sure any renovator they might hire carries the RenoMark™™ logo.

RenoMark™™ renovators are held to the highest industry standards. They have to do the big things – carry $2 million liability insurance and enforce strict workplace safety – and the smaller things that give you comfort: pledge to call you back within two business days, for instance.

In addition to insurance, safety and courtesy, they must:

  • Give you a detailed written contract for all jobs, big or small
  • Provide a minimum two-year warranty on all work except minor repair
  • Carry the proper licences and permits
  • Keep their worksite organized and safe
  • In the Ottawa area, be a member in good standing of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association (GOHBA) and abide by the GOHBA Code of Ethics.
  • Stay current, through consistent and continuing education, in their professional knowledge of building codes, permit procedures and technical skills.