Your renovation is finished. It’s perfect. It’s everything you dreamed of. You and your renovator go through the final checklist to make sure everything is done and accounted for.

And then, awhile later, a knob comes loose or there’s a crack in the caulking, the toilet is wobbly or any number of things that might concern you.

Chances are when you use a good renovator, there won’t be much that goes wrong.

But never say never. You should know what will happen if there are problems down the road.

Renovators who have registered with RenoMark™ are bound to “provide a minimum two-year warranty on all work except minor repair”, but many go beyond that and do even minor repairs without question.

David Gladwin of Gladwin Building Services says it’s a matter not only of good faith but good business.

He’s so adamant about taking care of customers that there’s a statement on the bottom of each invoice.

“If you’re not satisfied in any way,” it says, “please let us know.” It points out that Gladwin Building Services is “detail oriented”. It asks customers to “give us a chance to make it right” and then to spread the news about the company.

“At the end of a job, my clients are happy and they recommend me to others,” he explains. “So I owe them that respect.”

He has gone back for small “fixes” as long as two years later.

He says a good renovator just responds, and quickly, with a real appointment, a definite time – not just “when I can get to it”.

He learned this as a basic tenet of his own work ethic from his father, who was also in the business.

“My dad taught me these three things: Do what you say you’re going to do; show up when you say you will; and if there’s a problem, fix it.”

Mike Dion, owner of Oakridge Construction, also believes in the power of good care after a renovation is completed.

“As a member of RenoMark™ and GOHBA,” he says, “one of the key ingredients of our success is really understanding the value of customer service. It’s ALL about the customer.”

He goes on to say his company takes great pains to make sure the customer is satisfied, not only at the end of the project, but all along the way.

“We believe that from our initial meeting to years after the job is done, we have a responsibility to our customer.”

And it goes both ways, creating long and happy relationships.

“I have customers who still, after 10 years,” he says, “call me just to check in and see how I’m doing.”