By Herb Lagois

Teamwork: Working together to bring your dreams to fruition.

Avoiding pitfalls: Priceless. Finding a great Renomark™ renovator is one major element of a superb renovation. Architectural design is another critical step to your renovation success, so finding a great design professional is equally important.

A correct roadmap ensures your space will look amazing and meet all your needs – and it will go a long way towards eliminating all the pitfalls you’ve probably heard about.

There are many forms of architectural designers. They range from Architects, Architectural Technologists, Interior Designers to Design-Build companies that may have designers under their roof.

And yet, there can be problems. Do you want to end up with a set of drawings that are not affordable, or worse – a really nice design that is compromised to reduce costs?

One line drawn on the blueprints could cost thousands of dollars. So you will need to ask yourself: does the designer truly know construction costs? Does the designer understand the implications of integrating existing conditions? Whether your designer is an individual or a company, where are the checks and balances?

It makes more sense to have your remodeler involved in the design process.

When everyone works as a team – you, the designer/architect, the renovator – all together to solve your home’s problems – that’s how great dreams are created and made real. When you’re considering design professionals, be sure the individual or company is a good fit. What is their experience? Do they specialize in the project you are contemplating? Someone who does large commercial projects may not be suited for a small kitchen renovation, for example.

Will your design professionals listen to you? Are they experienced? Do they know about applicable laws/by-laws/zoning? An important consideration: are they willing to work with your Renomark™ renovator?

Don’t be afraid to ask about your designers’ education, training, specialties, familiarity with local codes, and any references or issues with past clients. A true professional will appreciate any and all questions. Visit their website. Check out their portfolios. The same is true for design-build companies that may have designers under their roof. Are they suited for your project?

Don’t rush the design process! Take your time – all the time you need, time that allows for your full input.

Herb Lagois is the owner of Lagois Design−Build−Renovate.