renovations show imageShould I go…or stay?

My friend was readying his home for sale.

“Imagine,” he said, “painting your home, replacing flooring, upgrading cabinets and plumbing fixtures, purging…all for someone else to enjoy!”

There are more hassles than that. What about packing and paperwork? Changing children’s schools and addresses? What about the stress of closing dates, and moving costs? Then there are commissions, legal fees, taxes, storage, moving, the risk of carrying two mortgages.

Maybe all that time and money could be invested into your current home.

In many cases, moving does make sense. But there are valid reasons to stay: established neighbours and neighbourhood; nearby schools; nearby amenities such as clubs, dog parks, public transportation, established trees and landscaping.

Herb Lagois

Herb Lagois

There’s the question of equity in your home and keeping the home in your family. Older city properties are typically larger than newer lots. It depends what’s important to you.

A renovation can make aging in place possible with easier access, mobility and safety. If you feel your home is outdated, or if your family is outgrowing your home; if you’re fed up with school bags scattered across the living room floor; if you’re worried about aging parents or grandparents…and lots more “ifs”, a renovation could be the solution to everything.

If you’re unsure about moving or renovating, consult with a real estate agent to explore the impact of preparing your home for sale and moving. If you find your dream home without the home needing many upgrades, that’s awesome.

However, you might also consider a consultation with a RenoMark™ Renovator.

An experienced, professional renovator will be able to provide insight on costs and impacts based on historical projects. This should help you to make informed decisions.

My friend? Well, it’s been a year since he got his home ready for sale…

Love where you live. Priceless.