laundry roomAre you stuck in a small, awkward, boring space every time you do laundry? Do you have to go down to the basement or into some dull space you never visit except for this one task?

A laundry room doesn’t have to feel like punishment. It can be a thing of beauty, even a sanctuary. Your professional renovator can prove that.

There will be many things to consider. Fun things, really—but you should know what you want before you begin.

Are you looking for a place that is only for laundry, or would you like it to have other functions—storage, for instance, for things like cleaning supplies, brooms, vacuum cleaner, extra towels, paper products and so on? Maybe you will want it to double as a mudroom or an extra pantry or a place for a second refrigerator. Maybe it could be a sewing or craft room with lots of shelves or cabinets for supplies. You might want it to include a space for a home office. You might want it next to a family room, or maybe you’d prefer a comfortable sitting area in the same room. You might like the idea of a small powder room, too. And a good sink and drying rack for hand-washing.

The ideal way to plan a wonderful, functional, beautiful laundry room is to coordinate it with the overall design when you’re considering a larger renovation—for instance, a kitchen, a bathroom, or an addition to your home.

If not, you can ask your renovator to design and re-configure a space so it works more efficiently. You can include new windows (for optimal natural light), easy-to-clean flooring; wiring for sound and TV. You might consider good cabinetry and counters for folding, a built-in ironing board, and places to hang clothes or to store them out of season.

When it comes to a good laundry room, space and budget might limit you, but not imagination. And that’s what professional renovators are good at—figuring out all three.

Make sure the renovator you choose for the job is someone you can trust, someone who believes in quality from start to finish. Start by considering a professional renovator with RenoMark accreditation.

Your laundry room is a room you shouldn’t have to update for years to come—not if it’s perfect from the start.