… but be sure it works for you

Adding space is one thing, says Designer Catherine Pulcine of CPI Interiors in Ottawa, but making sure it’s functional space is critical. If your furnishings fit the space, your colours combine well, and lighting is adequate, you can make the difference between a space that exists and a space that works to suit your lifestyle.

Catherine says it’s essential to hire a designer from the very beginning of any significant change to your home.

“Once the work is complete, it is often too late to discover that a few minor variations would have made all the difference in the functioning of the space,” she says.

You don’t always need to do a full renovation in order to change the look of your home, however. Catherine suggests a list of options that will make any space come to life:

  • Paint! New colours can rejuvenate existing furnishings.
  • Work with your designer to create new window treatments.
  • Consider new accessories, wall decor and accent pieces.
  • Change light fixtures. Add new lamps and use warm or cool toned bulbs, depending on your décor.
  • Buy new furniture that fits the space. But remember: always start with a plan.
  • Luxuriate in beautiful greenery. Whether it’s real or artificial, it adds life and fills blank spaces.