Our future, in your hands

We need you.

Every industry needs a consumer. Every company needs customers. Our industry is not different in that respect, but there is one thing that makes the renovation industry quite different from many of the other services you might engage.

There is a significantly unlevel playing field out there. You may not be aware of this little fact, but if you are considering buying a renovation for your home, please read on. You can save the world.

Okay, that may be a little exaggerated. You can, however, save an industry, invest wisely in your home, protect your home and family, and create the space of your dreams – all by simply making the right choice.

At times we don’t seem to have much control over many of the services we need to purchase. The cable and telephone companies seem to do as they please, the health care industry keeps changing and getting further away from their “customers”. And have you seen a lawyer’s bill lately?

These are all services that we pay dearly for and are heavily regulated, but we seem to have little, if any, influence over the quality of those services. Do our purchasing dollars mean anything?

There is, however, an industry that you can influence.

It is a multi-billion dollar industry in Canada. It can cost tens, even hundreds, of thousands of dollars for a single usage. You may only use it once in your lifetime, or certainly not often. The use of this service can be stressful and even dangerous if not used correctly. It can impact the value of your home and how you live in it.

For years consumers have been purchasing this service and influencing its industry. Unfortunately, it has not been uncommon for them to make wrong decisions, and things have gone wrong.

You’ve heard the stories, read the articles and seen the television shows. Making the wrong decision has been so easy, for so long, it has negatively influenced the whole renovation industry.

But fear not. There is a light at the end of that freshly painted hallway.

A professional renovation industry does exist, and it’s out there looking for you, if you are looking for it.

RenoMark™-registered renovators are those professionals. They are members of the local Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association. They are a part of that industry that is eager for you to be the next positive influence and do away with fly-by-night, under-the-table, I-gotta-guy companies that have been the low-cost alternative to a professional for too many years.

If you are considering a renovation to your home, seek out a member of the RenoMark™ program and be a part of the future of the Canadian renovation industry.

Please visit our website at www.RenoMark.ca.

The renovation you save may be your own.

  • Norm Lecuyer


Norm Lecuyer, Chair of the Renovators Council of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association and the local RenoMark program, is President of Just Basements and HOME Inc. Design Build Renovations.