Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association, Ottawa Renovators’ Council

By Bob Ridley

Greetings and welcome to the Fall 2020 edition of Ottawa Renovates! My name is Bob Ridley and I am honored to continue as Chair of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association Renovators’ Council.

First, let me welcome you to this unique and stimulating issue of Ottawa Renovates. We’ve been through a lot this year, and our challenges continue. While the COVID-19 pandemic has had tragic consequences for many, it also offers many profound lessons to be learned. One of the most important lessons has been the importance of family and home in our lives.

Through the early Spring lockdown period we had an opportunity to become more familiar with our homes. As the pandemic progressed, we began to see its effects on our society and the many changes that became essential parts of everyday life. It seems that we have now settled into the reality of greater focus on family and home and new approaches to almost everything.

Our home has become more than an essential refuge. It has become the centre of our lives as we socially distance, minimize our external travels and work “in place”. Many of us are thinking about how our homes might better support our future needs and necessary lifestyle changes.

An obvious example is the creation of a better, more inspiring home office to support our needs for work at home, online shopping and buying, and increased social networking. Having seen the tragic loss of life in our long-term care facilities, some of us are inspired to think about converting our home to accommodate multi-generational families. Is this the time for a basement in-law or grandparent suite, or possibly a backyard carriage home?

You might also be thinking about other practical matters for your home: increasing your enjoyment as well as your home’s utility, energy-efficiency, value, and aesthetics. This might be anything from “freshening,” to more extensive renovations such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements and exterior spaces.

Regardless of your situation, the COVID-19 pandemic has, and will continue to, affect our lives. If you have not already done so, now is the best time to start thinking about how changes to your home can better support your new wants and needs. Our RenoMark renovators are eager to help you realize your dreams, and they provide a wealth of knowledge and expert advice.

The renovation industry in Ontario represents a large, vibrant part of our economy. A key component of the renovations industry is the RenoMark® brand, which was developed for the express purpose of upholding a higher standard of excellence, safety and legal protection for consumers. RenoMark® renovators always provide a detailed written contract, a two-year warranty, $2 million in liability insurance; and they return calls within two days.

As you face the new reality of life after COVID-19, make your home a special place. The RenoMark® renovators of the Renovators’ Council are here to help you. We recognize that our industry would be nothing without you. Equally, your renovation would be a less fulfilling experience without us, the RenoMark® professionals.

Bob Ridley P.Eng., is chair of the Renovators’ Council of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association, Second Vice President of the Ontario Home Builders’ Association, and an active participant in the renovations industry through Ridley Associates Management Services and SkilBilt Construction, Inc.