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Ottawa Renovators’ Council

Message from the Chair


We’ve come a long way in five years.

When RenoMark™ first came to Ottawa, it was an unfamiliar concept. Renovators didn’t know quite what to make of it. Most home owners had never heard of it.

Little by little, word travelled. Here was a program that protected the public from bad apples – from “fly by night” scammers and amateurs masking as professionals.

All of us in the renovation industry had heard (and, sadly, still hear) the horror stories: Jobs unfinished. Jobs done badly. Failed installations. Unsafe, sloppy worksites. Clients’ money, lots of it, lost to shoddy, ugly workmanship. We heard about broken promises, broken hearts, broken dreams.

          So when we became aware of the program, our ears perked up. Little by little we realized that this was the answer to proving our professional worth, and the solution to those awful stories we had heard.

          Ottawa Renovates magazine came into being as a means of helping us educate the renovating public about it.

In the past five years RenoMark™ has proven itself and its renovators over and over again. Home owners, aware of the program, have sought us out if we carry the RenoMark™ logo. They know it means their renovations will be done by professionals who respect them and their homes, who do what they say they’ll do, who back up the work with guarantees.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that there are still people who go weak at the knees over lower prices offered for cash. They still fall for flashy operators in a pickup truck, the jack-of-all-trades down the street or the kid looking for a summer job. They rarely save money and usually end up spending a good deal more to fix the mistakes.

Those are the people we’re still trying to protect and educate. We hope you’ll help us spread the word. Tell them if they want a renovation that is safe, correct, legal, long-lasting, insured and excellent in every aspect, hiring a RenoMark™ renovator is the only way to be really sure. That’s a promise.


John Manzo


Ottawa Renovators’ Council


John Manzo is owner of Tego Bathroom Solutions