Sarah Stott imagines…

A main bathroom oasis

It’s a natural sanctuary, a place to unwind


Sarah Stott, designer at Westend Bath and Kitchen Centre, loves earth tones and natural beauty. She also loves peace and quiet at the end of a stressful day.

So her dream bathroom incorporates the best of these things. It is an oasis where she can relax and escape from the coldness of all the industrial and commercial buildings of the city. Her ideal bathroom brings the natural world inside in the form of warm tones and familiar textures (wood, stone, glass).

“The worst thing I could open my eyes to in the morning,” she says, “would be loud obnoxious colours, bright, stark, lighting… and a cold floor.”

Her perfect bathroom has:

  • A therapeutic, free-standing bathtub with air jets, chroma and aroma therapy
  • A private water closet for the toilet
  • A walk-in shower with body jets, a rain-head and shower arm
  • A double vanity with plenty of drawers and/or a linen tower
  • Heated flooring on a programmable timer/thermostat
  • Large-format porcelain flooring
  • One feature wall made of a natural stone mosaic
  • LED potlights throughout, on a dimmer
  • A dual-flush, elongated, comfort-height toilet with a built in Washlet (bidet).


Since a main bathroom is the shared bathroom in a household, it should be “right” for every member of the family, Sarah says. She hopes to have a large family herself, so her dream bathroom accommodates more than one person in it at a time, especially in the mornings. It has a private area for the toilet and beautiful ways to separate other parts of the room – for instance, stained glass French doors.

This way her ideal bathroom is functional as well as beautiful.