Veronica Druta imagines…

A welcoming guest suite

Flowing with the rest of the house


“Any room in a home,” says Veronica Druta, designer with Dalton Distinctive Renovations, “should trigger an experience.”

She adds a guest room should be a space where visitors sense the character of the home and its owners. So Veronica’s dream room for guests is a suite that “flows” with the rest of the house.

In dreaming up this guest suite, she first considers these questions:


  • What’s my style, my design preference?
  • How often will this room be used, and for how long?
  • Who are my usual or most frequent guests?
  • What mood do I want this room to evoke? Should it be similar to other rooms in the house, or completely different, for contrast?
  • What special features to I want to emphasize?
  • How do I want this room to function?


Veronica’s dream guest suite is, above all, welcoming. Depending on the answers to her questions, it is light, bright, calm, or mysterious.

Her ideal guest suite has as much natural light as possible. She thinks of it as a white canvas for imagination. It has custom cabinetry and a fireplace to make it warm and inviting.

The guest suite has a bathroom adjacent to the bedroom. The bathroom matches the bedroom in light and tone, and it allows guests to feel relaxed and refreshed.

It’s a very good place to stay.