Carolyn Munro imagines…

The ultimate master bedroom

Sweet comfort at the end of a day

An elegant, solid-maple door, stained to give it an old-world character, opens to a vestibule. Beyond it is Carolyn Munro’s dream of a master bedroom.

If you look up, says Carolyn, owner of Carolyn Munro Design, you’ll see a 10 ft. high drywall ceiling with a relief layer around the perimeter. In the middle of the ceiling is a large sculptured wood motif.

The bedroom’s sitting room, soft warm grey with light cream trim, has a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace and a large window covered with floor-to-ceiling soft-green textured silk. There are travel photos on the walls. Two matching oversized loveseats, a recliner and a square marble-covered coffee table are in the middle of the room. Through an arch is the sleeping area.

In the sleeping area she sees a king-size bed with an upholstered headboard (a decorative dimpled button-pattern) in deep tones of warm grey. There is a night table and table lamp on either side.

The bedding is a quilted, raised pattern in cream; there are large, soft pillows. The sleeping-area ceiling is also layered with drywall to create a pattern similar to the sitting room ceiling.

Carolyn says she visualizes wide French doors, draped to match the sitting room window. They open out to a balcony with a view of the lake.

Carolyn Munro master bedroom 2

There is a walk-in closet with cream-coloured cabinetry. She explains “closet” doesn’t really describe this space adequately. This is actually a good-sized room, well lit with a contemporary hanging light and recessed lighting. It contains a dressing area with drawers for jewelry, accessories and clothes. There’s also lots of space for hanging clothes; there are open shelves, too, for shoes and more clothes.

Carolyn imagines the ensuite bathroom to be as serene as the bedroom. Walls are pale blue with trim and ceiling in cream. The vanity reminds you, she says, of the colour of sand on an ocean beach; the doors on the cabinets are woven wood; and the counter top is cream-coloured marble.

Carolyn Munro master bedroom 3

She envisions large mirrors over each sink which seem to be floating on the wall. They’re sculpted brushed-nickel wall sconces are on either side.

Carolyn has the tub in an alcove with a big window overlooking a forest. There’s a walk-in shower with two shower heads, and a heated floor and seat.  A separate room for a toilet sits off to one side for privacy.

Carolyn describes the whole look as modern French country-style: a peaceful, calming, serene retreat from a busy lifestyle.