Some people go to big-box stores to select their kitchens or baths.

They choose from a whole catalogue of cabinetry created en masse in a factory. They can have anything they want, as long as it has already been manufactured somewhere in the world.

Some people go to smaller kitchen-and-bath boutiques and showrooms, where they can have their cabinetry custom manufactured on site with expertise from professional designers.

It’s a question of quantity vs. quality. But what if you want both? In that case, you go to Potvin Kitchens and Cabinetry in Rockland.

“This is one of the things that makes us unique,” says Daniel Gauthier, manager in charge of new and innovative products as well as marketing for Potvin. “We do high volume and beautiful custom work at the same time.”

He says Potvin, a member of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association, supplies more than 2,000 kitchens a year, all custom manufactured locally. Customers are homeowners, renovators, and builders who are looking for fine, solid craftsmanship.

It began as a small, modest enterprise that specialized in exterior siding. It grew and kept growing. Now it has a staff of close to 300, and 125 full-time sub-contractors. Most employees have between 15 and 30 years of experience. It is Rockland’s biggest employer – an employer committed to the community.

In addition to exquisite cabinetry, Potvin manufactures custom interior and exterior trim, moulding, and doors. Perhaps not surprisingly, given its roots, the company also specializes in exterior siding as well as custom framing and stairs.

Most of Potvin’s cabinet components are low-VOC, or Volatile Organic Compounds. Its finishing products are water-based rather than solvent-based, and the company participates in the Toxic Reduction Act plan by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. According to National Pollutant Release Inventory tests, Potvin has recently reduced its manufacturing emissions by 75 per cent.

It has a large showroom in Rockland with seven full kitchens and a display of counters, doors, hardware, and trim. The company has in-house designers and tradespeople.

Almost everything is made by the company. There are some suppliers, but they are local, too. Daniel explains this allows for a consistent level of quality and control over timing and delivery.

Customers are mostly in the Ottawa area, but Potvin has done work in the Gatineau and along the St. Lawrence. It has won numerous awards for kitchen design.

And when you can focus, as Potvin does, on custom, quality and quantity, it means customers benefit.

“We’re able to produce very good cabinetry at a very good price,” he says.

The company, started 35 years ago in Rockland by Alain Potvin, is now managed by Yves, Alain’s son. It’s in its third generation of Potvins with Yves’ daughter, Valerie and son, Gabriel, also participating in the business.

The company has grown, and it keeps growing steadily, with its remarkable and innovative product lines.

It reflects a special enthusiasm and pride – the kind that family brings.