1. DESIGN – If you want your home renovated to your exact needs and desires, you need more than a builder or renovator – you need a skilled and creative design professional.  A good designer will sit down with you and help you define your goals and then present you with options, some of which you might not have been previously considered or believed possible. An experienced designer can create a space for you that is both inspiring and comfortable to live in, and functions/flows properly.

2. BIG PICTURE – Conceptualizing the end result of a renovation is a vital part of a designer’s job.  They understand the unique challenges of the existing home and the intricacies of the proposed renovation. And they know how  to meld them together with your lifestyle.

3. BUDGET & COMPONENTS – A qualified designer can also help you prioritize the major components of your project in order to stay within your budget. They should also be able to inform and educate you on construction methods and materials which are environmentally responsible. This helps to ensure both the lifespan of the project and the overall quality of life for your family.

4. COMPATIBILITY – Before interviewing and hiring a designer, look on the internet and speak to any family or friends who can recommend a company that has done work similar in look and feel to what you hope to achieve in your project. You will likely be working with your chosen designer for a fair stretch of time — from hiring, through the design phase, and final execution of your job — so it is critical you feel comfortable with them and maintain an open line of communication.

5. COMMUNICATION & UNDERSTANDING – A professional designer will have a clear understanding of all issues involved in your project (local zoning, provincial codes, construction type, etc.), and will keep both you and the chosen team of contractors apprised of the same.