Renovation by Westend Bath and Kitchen Centre. Designer Kendra Brunet

Image credit: Renovation by Westend Bath and Kitchen Centre. Designer Kendra Brunet

If you’ve ever wondered what the reasons are to renovate your home, here are some reasons as originally reported in the Kitchener-Waterloo Record, but certainly which also apply in the Ottawa area.

Perhaps the main reason to renovate your home comes down to the opportunities it provides for you to redesign your home in a way that will fit your lifestyle and therefore your enjoyment of home life. An extension of this is to make the home more suitable for the inhabitants. As people age or encounter other challenges, any number of renovations can be made to suit the mobility-challenged or those with other restrictions. The result is a home that makes life easier and so much more enjoyable for every member of the family.

On the very practical side of renovations, new products and savvy designs will help upgrade and improve the quality and appearance of your home while reducing the required maintenance. This in part is due to new materials like composites that are being used with increasing frequency in construction. It all comes down to the advanced engineering and manufacturing methods, which make so many products super durable while also being quite attractive in countless design applications.

Something to consider when updating your home is a home-based office or study. Since more people are now working from home, there are increasingly many great options for home offices, ranging from open-concept to traditional designs, and with perks to suit your requirements as much as your heart’s delight.

Putting notions of work aside, recreation and leisure will take on a whole new dimension with a new games room in your home. If you’re not into games, rethink the concept to home entertainment, and the ideas quickly become boundless. Whether you’d like to have your very own home theatre or you’re a billiards fan, once again, there is no limit to concepts that can be tailor made specifically for you.

Something should be mentioned about kitchen renovations because of the unlimited opportunities a great kitchen redesign and upgrade offers for socializing in what is a favourite hub of the home. Those with passions for cooking will find themselves in bliss.

If you plan to stay with your current home, consider adapting the mindset of renovating for life. In other words, homes are as unique as their inhabitants, and upgrades can be as distinctive as you. Sometimes renovations are simply a matter of creative thinking — a newly overhauled laundry room, an extra bathroom with a shower, a home library, a new gazebo or deck — there are always lots of great ideas to make your home a special sanctuary just for you.

What about improving the value and curb appeal of your home? That’s true, too. Just remember that whatever home renovation project you’d like to proceed with, having the input of a truly creative and competent construction and renovation firm will lead to the realization of every dream project.

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