29 Four Seasons Drive

Timeless Dream Kitchen

This stunning project involved the complete re-design of the ground floor of a smaller ‘80s detached two storey home.

The impetus of the re-design was to fulfill our client’s desire for a “timeless dream kitchen”, one placed in an interactive airy environment featuring a large working island. This transformation involved interchanging the Dining Room and Kitchen spaces while integrating them into the once closed off Hall and Living Room.

In order to facilitate this extensive opening of spaces, structural changes were made to remove several walls using engineered flush beams and new basement posts. As well; walls, ceilings and floor finishes were upgraded as were electrical and HVAC systems.

Opening the ground floor up so graciously called for creative HVAC solutions resulting in a designed ladder cubby, full width toe kick returns and a new bulkhead / wall build-out to reroute and conceal new ductwork. Key elements complementing the design included two illuminated ceiling canopies, a new built-in gas fireplace and hidden hood fan cabinetry. Other features included a stone window sill bench, custom closet storage and updated stairwell millwork.

The phenomenal design enhances circulation patterns, offers beautifully programmed lighting and boasts functional organization. The elegant kitchen is now the centrepiece of the home, the dream kitchen has come to life!