How well do you understand RenoMark™? Do you know what it can do for you?


Here’s a quiz to test your RenoMark™ knowledge.

  1. What is RenoMark™?
  • A fancy new European hybrid
  • A place in Nevada
  • A program for Renovators


  1. What will it do for me?
  • Make my eyelashes longer
  • Ensure peace of mind
  • Cost me money


  1. What do RenoMark™ members have?
  • Written contracts and warranties
  • Their names in the classified section
  • Fast-talking promises


  1. RenoMark™ people tend to be
  • Obsessed with neatness and safety
  • Slobs
  • Of the opinion that safety on your property is your problem


  1. RenoMark™ members are as trustworthy as
  • Snake oil
  • Rumours
  • A proven promise


6.Your renovator should:

(a) Be an animal lover

(b) Know the building codes inside out

(c) Entertain you with tall tales


  1. RenoMark™ saves you money by

(a) Charging the lowest price for cash deals

(b) Insisting on quality so the work lasts for decades

(c) Appearing out of nowhere, with a pickup


  1. RenoMark™ members are distinguished by

(a) Smooth talking

(b) An easygoing attitude – here today, gone tomorrow

(c) Their commitment to you even after the job is done.