If you are 65 years old or older, or if you are living with a family member in that age group, you can claim a tax credit for certain improvements you make to your home to make it safer or more accessible.

The tax credit is calculated on a maximum of $10,000 of work done to your home, and the credit itself can be up to $1,500. Your income is not a factor.

You can, for instance, put non-slip flooring in the bathroom, install a hand-held shower, or put in door locks that are easy to operate.

The tax credit does not cover plumbing or electrical work, roof repairs or new windows.

If you or your renovator have spent up to $1,500 on such improvements, save your receipts in case the Canada Revenue Agency asks for them.

A note from the tax people: If you would like to claim your “healthy home” expenses, you will need to complete Schedule ON(S12) of your tax return and put the amount next to box 6311 on form ON479.

For more information: http://www.ontario.ca/taxes-and-benefits/healthy-homes-renovation-tax-credit