News conference John Mike

John Liptak and Mike Holmes announce the High Performance Initiative at a news conference

Do you have a client that is planning a major renovation or new custom home project? Do they want the project to benefit from the most innovative solutions in energy-efficiency, wireless technology and automation, healthy living and green building? The new OakWood-Holmes (OH) High Performance Initiative is perfect for them, OH says in a news release.

Mike Holmes said at a media conference that that there is a remarkable revolution happening in the home building industry – but “nobody is putting it all together.”

John Liptak, OakWood’s president and CEO, says that most homeowners want the benefit of innovative, technology-enabled products but lack the expertise or time to properly evaluate these solutions.

“The OH High Performance Initiative gives homeowner the assurance that all products have been thoroughly evaluated and will deliver the performance gains promised by manufacturers,” he said. Validation of performance is achieved through the well-established Holmes Inspection program which provides homeowners with a detailed summary of all installations often adding to the resale value of the home.

The new initiative is actively recruiting homeowners in Ottawa who want to be among the first in the country to benefit from this pilot program. The initiative will be of interest to any homeowner planning a major renovation such as an addition, attic conversion, in-law suite; or a new custom home. Single room renovations such as a kitchen or bathroom can also benefit if you want your project to benefit from products and solutions drawn from one or more of four “innovation planks”: energy-efficiency, automation (IoT), healthy living, and building green with environmentally friendly solutions and construction practices.

All products, materials, and technologies are included in a customized design and build plan and installed according to manufacturer guidelines by OakWood’s certified trade professionals.

“We are dedicated to building it right,” says Liptak. “Right” means providing a custom design and build solution that meets the lifestyle needs and priorities of the homeowner using bold new solutions that are transforming the residential construction industry. Ultimately, “right” also means using products, materials, and technologies that “lower our energy footprint and are respectful to the planet,” he said.

Liptak and Holmes said that OakWood has been given approval from Mpower to represent and install the new Tesla Powerwall, an advanced energy storage solution. The Powerwall will be part of the OH High Performance Initiative and available as one of the innovative options for helping homeowners achieve greater energy efficiency – or going completely off the grid.

In addition to being available to Ottawa homeowners through the OH High Performance Initiative, the Powerwall and future Tesla Solar Roof shingles are part of OakWood’s explicit goal for energy independence.

Oakwood’s new design centre won the “2017 Best Design Centre in Canada” award from the Canadian Home Builders’ Association – and is a showcase for the innovative solutions now available through the OH High Performance Initiative.

For more information about the pilot program, currently available only to Ottawa homeowners, visit or call (613) 236-8001 to schedule a consultation and tour of the centre.