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If you haven’t seen them, you’ve probably heard about them: Home Renovation shows on TV. There are perhaps a hundred of them or more. They have a huge audience, of course, and that’s why they’re so successful. Like cashews,they’re addictive.

The plot is pretty much predictable. Walls get torn out; there are a few “Oh, no!” moments; everything gets solved; and voila: nice new house and everyone’s happy.

This is the world of entertainment, and it’s fun to watch. The best shows recommend getting professionals to do the job, or they have professionals as actual hosts. They give estimated costs, and they can be informative. Ideally, they also tell you how long a project actually took and what it will be like to maintain.

In the real world, renovation can be a costly and irreparable disaster if it’s not done properly by professionals.

Mistake Number One is usually opting for the lowest price without looking any further. Part (b) of this Mistake is not asking yourself the questions you must answer if you’re going to have a quality renovation that is beautiful, easy to look after and lasts for years.

Who is your renovator? What, exactly, are your renovator’s credentials? Is your renovator a member of RenoMark™?

What is your budget in hard, cold terms? Are you really prepared for the cost and consequences of some of those “uh-oh” moments that, on TV, look almost cute?

Do you have a realistic timeline? Of course you know renovations don’t happen in half-hour segments – but do you really know what you’re facing?

A professional renovator will help you with all these questions. They know. This is their life’s work: this is what they do. They know better than a TV producer, better than the guy down the street who calls himself a weekend contractor. A professional renovator will work with you, for you, in your best interests.

And that’s for real.

  • John Manzo


John Manzo is owner of Tego Bathroom Solutions