With hundreds of choices available, selecting the perfect faucet for your kitchen may seem slightly daunting, but with a clear idea of your current, or future kitchen style in mind, it’s easy to find the right one that will go with the flow.

“Installing the right kitchen faucet that fits your kitchen’s style is the final touch that will completely tie the room together,” said Mark Wallace, senior group marketing manager of Spectrum Brands – Hardware and Home Improvement. “People always notice a unique looking faucet when they enter a kitchen and depending on the model it can act as a true statement piece for the room. When considering a new faucet, the right one shouldn’t just provide function but should also reflect your overall kitchen style.”

To help you find the faucet that best matches your style, Pfister created a quick guide of the five most popular kitchens and what faucet you should consider to best match that style:

Country – White painted wood trim and butcher-block counter tops give the country style kitchen a charming and cozy feeling.

Modern – Clean lines, stark colours and stone accents make up the modern style kitchen.

Rustic – Weathered cupboards, antique kitchen tables and exposed brick make up the increasingly popular rustic style kitchen.

European – Functional and sleek, the European style kitchen is clean from its black tile floors to the exposed wood beams above.

Traditional – Hanging bronze pots, a mix of wood and stone and sunlight streaming through large windows make this the most popular room of the house for a reason.