Everybody’s “green”, says Roy Nandram, President of RND Construction and a devoted “green” renovator.

Every time you recycle, every time you renovate, you’re greening your home, he explains. Just using insulation is “green”.

Green home renovation, he continues, is simply about improvements to your home that reduce or eliminate negative impacts on air, land or water.

“Our damage to the environment is similar to our gradual loss of vision,” he says. When we need glasses, we don’t know it on the very first day. It’s gradual. You think everything is normal.”

He says we tend not to see the impact of the gradual deterioration of the earth.

“We’re all in denial,” he says. “We don’t think it’s happening.” And certainly we don’t see the immediate effect – until it’s too late.

The bottom line, however, is what shade of green you are. To what extreme do you go, now and in the future?

At RND Construction, they try to go as “deep a shade of green” as they can.

Most renovations will start out without specific “green” requests from clients, he says. “But incrementally, we turn it into a green project.”

They have encouraged all renovation clients to participate in Ontario’s Eco-Energy rebate program while it lasts.

It’s not difficult when clients realize the long-term, actual, savings in energy through the choice of a new furnace or new windows or ecologically-friendly products.

“We educate as we go,” says Roy. “We explain the cost/benefit.”

Most people end up making “green” choices.

“Everyone cares,” he says. “They just don’t always know it.”