bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovations involve many decisions and choices

So it’s time for a new bathroom. It can be expensive, but it’s a good investment. The cost will depend on what you really want.

Your professional renovator can help you decide how to choose what your new bathroom will be. Besides your own style and likes, there are some basic things to consider.

  • What is the age of your home?
  • What size bathroom do you want?
  • What structural limitations are there?
  • What kind of fixtures do you want?
  • What is your existing plumbing system?
  • What is your existing electrical system?
  • Do you want heated floors?
  • What kind of lighting would you like?
  • What kind of tub do you want? Soaker? Therapeutic?
  • Or do you only want a shower?
  • If it’s a shower, will it be a walk-in shower? Will it have a built-in bench?
  • What kind of floors and walls will it have?

And this is before you get into colour, design, materials, cabinets, and anything special – for instance, built in speakers for music, a shelf or two on the tub to hold candles or a glass of wine.

Your professional renovator can guide you through all these considerations so you can end up with the bathroom that will be beautiful, functional, fit your budget and lifestyle, and last for many years.

A bathroom can be a tricky thing, however. It needs the work and expertise of professionals.

When it’s time to find the right renovator for you as well as your new project, shop around. Look for Renovators who carry the RenoMark™ logo. Get references. RenoMark™ renovators abide by a code of conduct that includes written contracts, a two-year warranty, a safe and organized workplace, and $2 million liability insurance.

Story written by Ottawa Renovates editor Francie Healy for the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association (GOHBA) Renovators Council.