Casey’s amazing house adventure

You might recall reading about Casey Grey’s passive house in this corner in the Fall, 2013 issue of Ottawa Renovates.
Casey, owner of Cornelis Grey Construction, Ottawa, began to take on the project last year. His goal is to prove they can do this at a cost that proves to be an investment.
“So the money you put into increasing the performance of your home will actually be paid back over the years to come,” he says, “and then you’ll start making money – not to mention how you’re investing the future of the environment.”
His house is one of 13 chosen “Net-Zero R-2000” projects in Canada. It was selected out of hundreds of entries by Natural Resources Canada. When it’s finished, it will represent the best of the best for future low-carbon energy-efficient housing in North America.

The house will be a super-insulated air-tight building mostly heated by the sun and also by Ductless Minisplit Air Source Heat Pumps, with negligible energy loss.
Casey is working on the project with architect Chris Straka, who built the first residence in Canada designed, built and certified to the PHIUS (Passive House Certified) standard.
The house must be designed and built with architects and consultants. It will go through strict testing to get these certifications: Net Zero; Passive House International; LEED for Homes Platinum; R-2000.
Partners in the project are Homesol Building Solutions and Vert Design. Casey is quick to appreciate the outstanding skills of Cornelis Grey Construction’s sub-trades and the company’s own carpenters.
If you’d like to follow the progress of Casey Grey’s passive house, go to (click on the blog) and to the Cornelis Grey Construction Inc. Facebook page. The most information is on the web site, where you can read about updates as they happen, ask questions and make comments; or you can email Casey directly: