Don’t panic. With a good system, it’s simple

Caroline Castrucci of Laurysen Kitchens knows we all like to have a place for everything – a place where we can find what we want at a moments’ notice.

She’s enthusiastic about her company’s new line, Klozets by Laurysen,

an adjustable system of  household storage designed to make life more sensible, efficient and controlled.

Closet systems give you more than a shelf and a rod – “which is not the best use of space, by far,” says Caroline (pronounced Carline).

Such a system can handle hundreds of pounds and can be placed wherever you want. It can be customized to suit any household, any room, any lifestyle. It can be altered, moved, raised or lowered as you wish. It can have sections, drawers, trays, baskets, hooks, and cubbyholes.

“It’s good to de-clutter at this time of year,” says Caroline. “If you haven’t worn it last year, get rid of it.” And then she adds with a laugh: “I admit I don’t always follow that rule.”

Another thing organized people will tell you: if you buy something new, get rid of something old.

Again, Caroline laughs. She says she tries. Sort of. But she does admit an awful liking for shoes. “I am not a shining star [of example],” she says.

She especially likes the wonderful things you can do with mud rooms and anywhere children seem to drop their stuff.

“Little ones have a hard time with hangers,” says Caroline. “They have a much better time with hooks.”  Cubby holes are another thing that seem to be made for children – for all the smaller things they love to hang on to but tend to lose if there’s not a place for them.

As part of a closet storage system, you can have wire baskets on tracks. They’re ideal for snowy mitts and hats, because they can air-dry and not end up smelling musty. Children can also easily hang up snow pants to dry, and keep their snowy, muddy boots off the floor. When it comes time to mop the floor, there’s nothing to move; and the closets, with rubber mats, are easy to wash.

Caroline likes the visual aspect of all this organization. She says you can look at the children’s storage and see immediately if there’s something missing. If it is, the child can find it, put it where it belongs, and everything’s ready for school the next morning. Caroline feels it teaches children how to be tidy and responsible.

In bedrooms, storage systems can be whatever they need to be, depending on space. Walk-in closets are best to work with. “The sky’s the limit,” says Caroline. But “typical” closets with a two-foot depth can become wonders of efficiency, too.

Caroline works closely with clients who are in the midst of renovation or new-house construction.

“They have an integral part in designing their storage system,” she says. They discuss the way they hang pants (over the hanger or from the waist), whether they hang or fold clothes, where they store seasonal things. They decide what drawers or hangers they want for things like jewelry, ties, lingerie, belts.

A lot of storage also happens in basements.

“We can use a system to create whole new closets, raised off the ground, with no construction required,” says Caroline.

Klozets by Laurysen operates in partnership with renovators and builders. They have supplied all the closets for a number of projects, including a recent large building with a number of units – three closets per unit.

Caroline says efficient storage is basically simple.

“It’s just a matter of finding out what you want,” she says. “Every household is different.”