Through the eyes of Bob Gould

A maximized kitchen

Going for the WOW factor


Modern seems to be the common denominator in new kitchens, says Bob Gould, Sales Manager of Deslaurier Custom Cabinets. Modern, streamlined, sleek – and functional.

Bob, more than most people, knows what kind of cabinets you can have in your newly renovated kitchen, and he adds there are lots of choices.

You could choose, for instance, cabinets that are made out of laminates or melamine. They’re easy to maintain and beautiful in their simplicity.

And if you’re going to have beautiful cabinets, he says, you might as well go all the way and have cabinets and drawers that open automatically with the lightest touch of your knee or elbow. This way your hands are free when they’re messy or wet. Since you don’t need hardware on the doors and drawers, the whole look is smooth and uncluttered.

Bob says automatic cupboards and drawers are more common in Europe at the moment, but they’re beginning to catch on here in a big way. In fact, he adds, they’re becoming one of the biggest features in new kitchens.

Bob admits he loves granite, and that would still be his own preference for kitchen counters. He likes the idea of perhaps going to the country where it originates, picking out one unique piece and importing it.

But of course, that can be pretty expensive, and perhaps 75 per cent of his customers lean towards quartz counters. Bob says quartz is more practical than granite. It’s easier to maintain. It’s scratch resistant. It’s not porous and doesn’t hold a stain. And it’s beautiful. It comes in many shades – Bob says Cambria, a manufacturer of natural quartz surfaces, has 105 colours.

So, despite his love of granite, Bob’s ideal kitchen might very well have quartz counters.

It might also have quartz sinks – not just sinks, but the whole thing: counter and sink integrated, with no seam. It’s hygienic, and it’s good-looking. It adds to a modern, streamlined look. Bob calls it a certain “wow” factor.

Of course, ideal kitchensmight also have stainless steel sinks. They come in a large variety of shape, size and depth.

Bob says his customers spend a lot of time and money on their appliances. He says they sometimes choose their appliances first and then have his company build the cabinets around them. He sees the value in this, because some of the European appliances, such as Miele, maximize internal space well, too. “And they look fantastic,” he says.

A kitchen floor can be anything you want, but one popular choice is laminate, although Bob’s choice is still porcelain tiles. He says the next new thing, however, will be quartz – quartz tiles because of their easy care and tough surface.

He says lighting can be a big aspect of a modern kitchen, but it can be much more than overhead or wall lighting. With LED lights, every cabinet and drawer can have at least one light in it. A drawer can have a whole track of light.

Although newly-renovated kitchens tend to be modern, Bob says they also tend to be smaller. In response to this trend, cabinets are evolving into marvels of efficiency.

Bob suggests planning for the inside of your cabinets every bit as much as the outside.

“The trick is to maximize every single bit of internal space,” he says, “but at the same time making sure the kitchen is functional.”

Cabinet exteriors can be wood, laminate, melamine. They can be shiny, matte, or textured.

“But open them up and everything fits,” says Bob. “That’s the key to a well-organized kitchen.”