By Francie Healy

It might be time for you to renovate; it might not.

But we think it’s always time to dream.

So – we’ve decided to do just that. We hope you’ll join us.

We know the best of the best in the Ottawa renovation industry. So we figure, if you’re going to dream, it only makes sense to do it “high-end”.

Last Fall we created what we called a “virtual renovation” and asked some of Ottawa’s best renovation and design experts to tell us how they’d imagine renovating a room in a house. It was a lot of fun. It was so much fun that we’ve decided to make it a regular feature of Ottawa Renovates.

For this issue, we have asked more of Ottawa’s superb experts to tell us how they’d envision a renovation. We supplied the imaginary room or area; they did the imagining based on their remarkable expertise.

We asked them to think of an imaginary couple who wanted to renovate their house but had never done this before. We told them the sky was the limit when it came to budget (this IS dreaming, after all) and they could just go ahead and inspire us.

Our couple and their house don’t actually exist, of course. They’re just in our imaginations. But when we talked to the experts about the way they’d renovate, the house seemed to come to life, to blossom before our very eyes.

We asked these people to tell us how a renovation would look through their eyes:

Gerhard Linse (Gerhard Linse Design, Inc.) – about planning

Bob Gould (DeslaurierCustom Cabinets) – about a kitchen

Norm Lecuyer (Just Basements) – about a basement

John Manzo (Tego Bathroom Design Centre) – about a bathroom

Ashlee Perry (L3 Builders) – about a family room

David Gladwin (Gladwin Building Services) –about a dining room

Dave Sprung (Ottawa Windows and Doors) – about an entryway

Ryan Potter(StairWorld) – about a stairway.

You’ll probably find ideas in their dreams, and in the expertise of many other experts highlighted in this issue.

We hope you’ll be inspired.