A Home Office checklist

Before you begin to create a new workspace at home, here are some of the things to consider, taken from Workplace Safety & Prevention Services’ Home Office Workplace Checklist. (More information on WSPS.ca.)

  • Is your chair adjusted to an appropriate height (i.e., thighs parallel or knees slightly lower
    than the hips)?
  • Are your feet on the floor or fully supported by a footrest?
  • Do you have sufficient leg room at your desk?
  • Does the placement of your monitor and keyboard allow for a comfortable position (e.g.,
    head is looking forward, not downwards or to one side)?
  • Is it easy to read the text on your screen?
  • Is your computer screen free from noticeable glare at all times of the day?
  • Is there space to rest your arms when not keyboarding?
  • When keying or using the mouse, are your elbows close to the body and your forearms
    close to parallel with the floor?
  • Are frequently-used items positioned within easy reach of your normal working position,
    and is desk space?
  • If you need to connect and disconnect a laptop or other equipment, are you able to do this
    without bending or crawling under your desk each time?
  • Are temperature, noise, ventilation, and lighting levels adequate for maintaining your
    normal job performance?
  • Is the work area free from all slip, trip and fall hazards?
  • Is material stored in file cabinets or on shelves properly to avoid overloading and tipping?