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Reno Tour is back with a bang. Check out some of this year's beautiful renovations.

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The art of ART

The ultimate finishing touch to your renovation.

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Accessibility is a part of life

It's a real issue for everyone.

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The house in the swamp

Hiring a RenoMark® contractor for the whole project would have been MUCH better.

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The Last Word

Grass isn't always greener on the other side.

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Green Renovation

Pay attention to toxic dangers.

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What’s your colour?

Colour says a lot about YOU.

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Radon watch part two

Hi. My name is Paul, and I have radon.

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Reno Tour – Pewter & Gold

The elegance of champagne bronze.

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Reno Tour – Quartz reflection

1960s, meet 2023!

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Reno Tour – A renovator’s own home

What renovators build for themselves.

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