Dear Renovator: What are best kitchen designs?

We’re just starting to think about having our kitchen renovated. We’re doing this for ourselves, but also with an eye to eventually selling our house. Can you give us an idea about the kind of things people want? What are some of the most popular trends in kitchen design?

Dear Homeowner,

Of course, there are many exciting possibilities when you’re planning a new kitchen ‒ too numerous to state here. However, we find these things are most sought-after in a new kitchen:

  • Open-concept shelving
  • Two-tone colours
  • Kitchen island seating
  • Pendant lighting

Open-concept shelving

As beautiful as it is practical, open-concept shelving allows you to display your dinnerware and to bring together the look of your kitchen with even more detail. Open-concept shelving is not just for show. For home cooks who spend a lot of time in the kitchen, being able to grab items without opening cabinet doors adds convenience when time is of the essence, especially if you’ve forgotten which dishes are hiding behind each cabinet door.

Two-tone colours

While all-white kitchens still have great appeal for their clean and minimalist look, a two-tone approach allows you to give your kitchen some extra personality. You might, for example, choose a different colour to contrast the upper cabinets and the base cabinets. One of the most visually appealing options is a mix of navy blue and grey. For great contrast and a classic feel, you might also explore designs that use a mix of black-and-white cabinetry.

Kitchen island seating

Your kitchen island can become a breakfast bar or dining area where stools can be used for extra seating. For an added touch, choose unique stools that match or contrast with your kitchen colours.
You might also use your island for storage. With a large enough island, or with the proper configuration, you could have built-in shelves for cookbooks, dishes, etc., or built-in wine racks.

Pendant Lighting

With so many colours to choose from, pendant lights can really add a focal point to your kitchen. There are several decisions to make about these, too. The number of pendant lights you will use will depend on the size of your countertop surface. And the style? Well! There are many ‒ industrial, oversize, farmhouse, rustic…the list is exciting and creative.

Have fun planning your perfect kitchen!

Lori DiSaverio
Co-owner, Spectrum Kitchen and Bath Design, Ottawa