They are our future

KIDS these days

By Herb Lagois

Is there hope for our future? We hear comments like: “The young generation doesn’t want to work.” Yikes! I suspect every generation before us had similar comments.

Since I have been involved with Ronald McDonald House Charities, I’ve been blessed to volunteer at McDonalds restaurants. And my gosh – talk about youth in action! The energy, the speed, the coordination, the camaraderie, wow! And that’s only one tiny example.

In our world of design, building and renovating, we’re involved with CO-OP programs of all levels. We have on-boarded many graduates. What we find most rewarding is their youthful energy, their drive for excellence, their fresh ideas. They are simply inspiring.

If you’re thinking about a career, why not consider a career in our industry? Our makeup is predominantly baby boomers, and that implies large numbers are or will be retiring. This opens up career opportunities from trades such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers to careers in new home building, remodelling, commercial.

If you’re not sure what direction to take, perhaps consider a CO-OP program or a summer job; or speak to someone you may know in the industry you are considering. Consider job-shadowing for a day or two. Reach out to people in the industry. True leaders will be thrilled to answer questions.

Two thoughts to consider:
First, education! Formal education is something that can never be taken from us. Second, there’s nothing wrong in trying something then changing direction. A close friend chose university and realized after the first year he would much rather work outdoors opposed to being behind a desk. He now owns a very successful masonry business. Most importantly, he loves what he is doing.

Speaking of education, our industry is ever-evolving with technology automation. That alone offers so many opportunities. Imagine!

Is there hope for our future? Yes! Youth IS our future.

Strive for excellence,
Be the best you possibly can be
Be okay with changing direction
Happiness is key.

Because loving what we do is not work.

Herb Lagois is the founder of Lagois Design-Build-Renovate.

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